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Freedom: overpopulation

To save a rare bird species, cerulean warbler, Walter and Lalitha struggle for a better world without ….. human beings. More than a half of world’s species is going to disappear in the next one hundred years due to overpopulation. Having fathered two children it is rather hypocritical of Walter to think that he can set the world to rights by reducing birth rate. On the other hand Walter belittles Patty’s achievements and forgets to acknowledge that the reason why she is so depressed is that she believed that her devotion to the family could be purpose of her life. Patty has not managed to establish a close relationship with any of her children, and all her attempts to build a life for herself ended in failure. Walter for his part ignores the existence of his rebellious son, Joey, and maybe blames Patty for too affectionate upbringing. Is it possible that Walter’s unhappy family life makes him think that it were a smarter decision if he had never married and had never become father?

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