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Nemesis: real love?

Seemingly invincible PE teacher Bucky Cantor wants to fight in World War II. He is shattered and upset as he discovers that due to his weak eyes he cannot be conscripted. On the other hand, he is forced to play an important role in another war, the war against polio in Newark. He survives the epidemic physically and mentally exhausted.

Before dangerous infection is discovered in his body, Bucky is about to marry his first love Marcia Steinberg. But it changes as soon as it is clear that the horrible disease, which frightens the whole neighbourhood, will not spare him. Bucky wants to be a hero; he rejects Marcia because of his condition, his physical disability. He is not strong enough as he has expected. Bucky emphasises that Marcia’s well-being is his primary concern; consequently he breaks off his engagement to her though he is aware that precisely Marcia’s happiness depends on this relationship. By taking the meaning of her life, Bucky wants her to be happy. Isn’t it an obvious controversy? And one more point to mention: If he rejects her because of his physical disability, doesn’t it mean that from his point of view, their relationship is based only on appearances, and he would expect her to do the same in this kind of situation? Then maybe it is better for them never to be married.

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